I have known Jenn for a few years and she has always done a great job. To kick off 2016 for our organization and the growth we want to achieve, I engaged Jenn and her team at SLAM to invade the digital space that we have had a hard time managing. She has come thru with great results, taking charge of all of our digital showroom, social media and event tasks and has made them great. Our sales and traffic have shown tremendous increase in just a short time and I am now looking for great results this year in digital media along with the traditional media that she has supportedus with in the past. The events, marketing and digital bar for our organization has been raised by her knowledge on keywords, SEO, retargeting and the media world in general. We finally have a uniform message giving us greater market presence. I greatly recommend Jenn and her team, if your plan is to grow your market and share of business.

Louis Izquierdo

Jennifer has been a consistently valuable part of our organizations and growth for over 3 years. She provides strategic insight across multiple marketing channels for our stores including traditional, digital and process marketing and management. Her capabilities go beyond the services of traditional advertising consulting and drill down further into the validation of vendor relationships to ensure we’re spending efficiently and receiving the deliverables and ROI promised. Our initial partnership with SLAM was based on the need to build out a marketing plan and direction but over time, these services have evolved into full service consulting. With focused attention on sales process, customer engagement, marketing functions, roll out of our Upgrade Program and various other projects that have improved our overall volume and revenue growth, Jennifer has become an integral factor in the success of our organizations. I highly recommend her work and can attest to her willingness to go above and beyond for clients. She works tirelessly and is an asset to any organization lucky enough to.

Roger Tovar