Make the Most of Instagram Live Upgrades

By March 29, 2018Advertising, Social Media

It’s no secret that since Facebook Live launched, many brands have adopted this new social outreach tool, connecting in real-time and creating a more direct relationship with their users.

Ever since those beginning days, the LIVE social media game has upped the ante. Instagram Live has taken it all one step further by allowing you to broadcast live on both social platforms and even bring aboard a guest who could be located on the other side of the planet.

Consider using Instagram Live to…

  1. Host an event
  2. Launch a new product
  3. Promote a new partnership or
  4. Simply to host a Q&A and engage with your brand followers

The possibilities are ENDLESS!

Let’s take a look at some tips to consider when hosting your next Instagram Live campaign:

  1. Work with a micro-influencer. Bring someone on board that represents your brand by simply inviting them to co-host the live event. When you use Instagram Live with a guest, your followers see two circles representing your Instagram account and your the account of your guest. You will be reaching your Instagram audience and now, will be reaching the audience of your guest, as well. Your broadcast will look like this:

  2. To maximize your event, plan ahead! Promote your Instagram Live With Friends broadcast organically and through paid initiatives a week before and a day before to engage, re-engage and deliver on best performance opportunities.
  3. If you have an Instagram business account, you can use your Follower’s Insights to determine when your followers are online. This is the best time to host your live event.
  4. Consider saving your video to your Instagram stories, and post a new updateto let followers know they can catch your live video for the next 24 hours. After the 24-hour period is up, you can archive that post if you want to make this content exclusive.

There are tons of options to play around with when implementing an Instagram Live With Friends strategy into the mix. We encourage you to include this as a unique piece of your digital marketing strategy and use it to expand the way you connect with your users.


Bye for now, Slammers!

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