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At SLAM, we work hard for our clients because we love what we do. Plain and simple. Our extensive background in the fields of marketing, advertising and media combined with our passion for our work make us a perfect partner for any client in any industry.

Our core values focus on delivering top-notch service to every customer, providing key information and maximizing results day in and day out. We go the extra mile – do the extra work – make the extra effort – we provide a customer experience like no other.

At SLAM, service is #1 and this philosophy translates into every aspect of our business. Come on in and try us on for size…we think you’ll find that we fit you perfectly.


…is a plan of action designed to achieve a major goal or overall accomplishment.

La·bor + Love

…is to work hard and with great effort because of a great interest or pleasure in something.


…is to describe or draw attention to a product, service, or event in a public medium in order to promote overall growth of sales, attendance, etc.

Mar·ket·ing + Me·di·a

…is the action and business of promoting and selling products or services, including but not limited to market research and advertising through the means of targeted, measurable mass communication.

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With over 11 years of experience in the world of media, marketing and advertising, we provide a unique strategy to solve any marketing or sales challenges and deliver long term results for our clients.  With that experience comes an inside knowledge of the media world.  We will always deliver the best rates, the best schedules and the best added value for our clients because we clearly understand the value of the media, the fair market rate and required deliverables to show proof of performance and guarantee a successful campaign.

Big Picture

At SLAM Marketing + Media, we take a widespread look at all aspects of your business and create a comprehensive plan to pull the pieces together in-sync with one unified point of view that resonates with customers and leaves the lasting impression(s) you need to build your business. We make sure that your media matches your marketing matches your PR matches your community outreach and on and on.  By strategically ensuring that all the puzzle pieces fit together, we give you the tools you need to help your business grow from the inside out.

Full Service Relationship

More than your advertising agency, we want to be your marketing confidant, your voice of reason, a full extension of your business – ultimately, your colleague working in conjunction with you toward the same common goal. We want to become your primary resource, your confidant, your friend…and deliver a concierge service that gives you every asset and deliverable you need to make your business successful.  We want to go above and beyond your expectations and ultimately, give you something to brag about! Give us a call to find out what partnership like this is all about.

Capabilities & Services

Digital Analytics

In today’s world of advertising, it’s not enough to come up with a great campaign that looks good and feels good and all that jazz.  Businesses want results – they want to see it to believe it.  And our expertise in delivering digital analytics provide companies the material they need to see their advertising dollars at work every single day.  Our team keeps a close eye on all of our digital media and looks for trends, opportunities, spikes, drops and all the other deliverable metrics that enable complete optimization of every dollar spent in digital advertising.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is a constantly evolving media vehicle used to interact with your prospects, consumers and brand ambassadors in a personalized online space.  It’s tricky making sure you’re delivering the right topics and data at the right time of day to the right people on every social media platform out there.  Don’t worry – we’ve got this for you.  Let us help you navigate the world of social media and customize content and delivery in a way that will keep your customers engaged and responsive.

Sales Evaluation and Training

It’s often forgotten that the sales team of any organization is essentially a marketing team at your fingertips.  With the right training and point of view, any sales team can become a natural extension of the brand, the message, the core of any company and literally be one of the best advertising vehicles for your business.  The background of SLAM’s success is in media and advertising sales so we know first hand what it takes to develop a sales team that becomes an extension of your brand.  We can help you use your sales staff to drive new business through their networks and give you unique strategies to keep your team engaged and working at the highest level of performance every day.

Creative Planning and Implementation

If you’re looking for a creative group of individuals to come up with some amazing ideas for showcasing your business in any market, look no further – you’ve found your match!  We can come up with concepts to match any business and deliver your core message in a creative, interactive, exciting way regardless of the media you’re using or the extent of the campaign.  We have ideas stored up for days that we’re looking to introduce to businesses – after all, we sit around and critique campaigns all day long…it’s our job.  Through that experience we’ve figured out what evokes a response and what lays stagnant when introduced to target customers and prospects.  We will customize a creative plan to match your needs and we guarantee you’ll love our idea, delivery and implementation!

Sports Sponsorship Strategy

With an acute expertise in sports sponsorship strategy, SLAM can help you build your sports sponsorship from beginning to end.  We can help you with every aspect of your sports marketing plan including which team(s) to align with, what elements to include, how to activate and get maximum results, how to integrate sponsorship into general market campaign and ultimately how to make this sponsorship work for your business.

Video Production

In today’s world the visual delivery of content is more in demand than ever before.  With instant videos to explain the most integral subjects, it’s imperative that your business have a visual point of view for consumers to interactive with and better understand what your company is about.  Video production has grown from basic television commercials to highly integrated content that provides an inside look at the culture of a business, used in social media networks to connect with customers on an individual and personal basis.  If you’re looking to upgrade your marketing and media plan to the next level, let’s talk about online video integration.

Digital Advertising

One of the newest vehicles for advertising and we are so glad it’s finally here!  Our jobs get a whole lot easier when we can strategically plan a campaign, utilizing behavioral and geo-targeted data to zero in our your core customer group and prospect targets.  We deliver on all forms of digital advertising including SEM, SEO, Display and Retargeting.  Our veteran digital staff provides capabilities that will deliver immediate leads to you and your business, providing renewed daily strategy and campaign results that will leave you wanting more.

Branding & Logo Creation

It’s imperative that any business have a fundamental platform to build off of and your logo and brand are the core pieces of that platform.  These are your tools to relate to your consumer target group and provide a business the opportunity to visibly display a point of view.  SLAMs creative team can build these customized tools designed to match your business, no matter the industry.

Developing a Marketing Plan

Any company in any industry should have a structured and measurable marketing plan to use as a daily guide for what to implement when and how in order to grow the business, increase overall revenue and ultimately become more successful.  We are experts at looking at all the pieces of your business and developing a customized plan that will enable you to deliver results quickly and efficiently.

Marketing Activation

It’s always been a shock to see companies who have signed on the dotted line but have not thought through the full activation of what they are committing to.  In most cases, the executives getting the deal done do not have the time or team it takes to activate to the full potential of a created partnership.  At SLAM, we specialize in taking that contracted partnership and dissecting each piece to create and implement an activation plan that will deliver the envisioned results in which the partnership was created.

Media Strategy

The world of media has become more and more complicated and convoluted in recent years.  It takes a whole lot of bandwidth and knowledge to understand the metrics of general market media and deliver a strategy and plan that is results driven, full of added value and actually delivers the intended outcome in which it was planned.  Good news, SLAM has a whole lot of bandwidth and knowledge and we can help you put together a strategic media plan and buy that will accomplish the goals we set together.  We also provide program recaps that will give you the results of your campaign in black and white, every time.

TV and Radio Advertising

The monsters of general market advertising, TV and radio advertising remain the backbone of the advertising world.  Our team has an extensive background working for TV and radio companies across the U.S.  We understand the metrics, the science behind the buy, the frequency and CPP targets and all the pieces that go into creating a strategic plan for TV and radio advertising.  We believe in finding a way to give a client exposure and ownership within these mediums, working your message into the fabric of each station.

Print Advertising

Although Print advertising no longer rules the proverbial media and advertising world, it is still an important piece of the overall puzzle it takes to put together a successful media plan.  With regional and local publications that enable clients to geo-target, SLAM provides expertise in picking the right publications to support your media plan and strategy.  We also believe that utilizing the digital capabilities associated with these publications is a great way to increase impression load and stand out when targeting a specific consumer group.

Direct Mail Advertising

Who knew that direct mail actually worked?  We did! While you may think of direct mail as a clog in your mailbox, other consumers respond greatly to the right direct mail pieces with special offers, incentives and information that will help your company stand out.  We have various strategies related to this form of advertising and can help you determine which is best for targeting your core consumer group.

Out of Home Advertising

Billboards and outdoor signage are always an excellent way to reinforce any message you are promoting in market.  With strategic placement and a creative message delivery, these media vehicles can make seconds of consumer interaction work hard for your business, delivering large impression loads and in some cases, domination of a specific geo-targeted location.  Those seconds can quickly add up to a high frequency campaign that delivers for your business. Our graphic design team can help you in creating the right content and artwork to make that consumer take a second look.

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